FoxSec 1850
Upon developing the access control system FoxSec 1850, the needs of small and medium size businesses have been taken into account in order to monitor the movement of the people on the territory on their possession. FoxSec 1850 enables a client to get an overview – who, where and when is moving. With the help of FoxSec 1850 access control system is also possible to manage the movements of employees on business premises and territory, register the arriving and leaving from work and etc.

FoxSec 1850 enables:
- To generate different reports on the basis of received data
- To create detailed statistics about the cad users
- Up to 1850 users
- Suggested up to 50 different access points (in case of special order up to 240 doors, ask the local dealer),
- To controls simultaneously 4 different data transferring lines
- To configure access points according to clients needs
- To add new access points when using the system
- To integrate with security systems, lift and gate automation and etc.

Door controller features:
- Card data and rights memory
- Last event memory
- Sensor determining the status of the door and opening switch
- Tamper alarm
- Alarm of opening the door by a key.
- Alarm of a door being open too long
- Low voltage alarm
- 1000 user groups
- Each group has own access program for each door
- Possibility to make up to 31 programs for each door
- 14 different holiday time periods
- Up to 20 programs for 2 (not door) additional relays.
- Up to 100 different controller configurations
- Determined reader functions: Card (normal), Card + pin number
- Two areas for Master card (1 to ID and ID to 1850 or 7600), which enables to change the readers function
- Access by two cards
- Empty room programmable relay
- Power supply 230VAC 50Hz
- Battery recharging
- Metal case H300 x L220 x 75mm
- RS485 (RS232 optional)

Compatible communication modules
- ADP2 - RS485/232, power supply – 12V DC, 70 mА
- ADP4 - RS485/Ethernet (for connecting with Internet), power supply 12V DC, 150 mА
- ADP4PoE - RS485/Ethernet (for connecting with Internet), power over ethernet (PoE)