Indala ISO-30 M

Code: ISO-30 HiCo magnetic stripe
Operating frequency: 125 kHz
Card Type: Read only
ID printing: Yes, Format xxx, xxxxx
Material: PVC
Color printing: Yes
Operating t °: -30°С ... +50°С
Dimensions (mm): 86*54*0.76

Detection mechanism card reader and read them the code card is based on a contactless radio frequency remote Proximity technology. Within any passive proxy card the electronic chip consists of a condenser inductor (antenna) and the integrated scheme (chip), which stores a unique identification code. Proximity reader emits a radio signal continuously at a frequency of 125 kHz. Getting in the zone of action of this signal, proximity card is activated and sends a response containing its unique identification code. All Indala proximity cards HID's with the working part of 125 kHz technology is used FlexSecur, which provides additional security and access control through the process of checking on the reader. A unique feature FlexSecur products HID's Indala eliminates unauthorized card before sending the card data into the system.