Access Control in the Cloud


Primero Cloud is SaaS solution that allows manage FoxSec's access control systems in the cloud. The solution is based on Microsoft SQL, which provides a convenient control of environment, while the WEB interface simplifies administration of sites.


Key Features:

Flexibility. Great solution for companies with variable labor resources. Centralized management of personnel in one or more sites offers effective performance for a growing business and real benefits compared to competitors. 

It works anywhere. To update system users' access rights, you no longer have to waste time on the way to the site. You can update, manage, and control access from anywhere. The only condition is Internet connection.

Compliance. Do you need to prepare monthly performance report of employees? With access control in the cloud, all access log databases are available centrally, just a few clicks away. Export data from Microsoft SQL Server to Excel, Pdf.

Automatic software updates. Servers, software and maintenance are no longer your concern. The data center manages the servers, while we, the software and the new features updates. You no longer have to spend time and resources on activities that are not related to your main business.

Subscription fee starting from € 18.20 per month. A flexible subscription program offers an individual solution for your needs. You only pay for the resources that really use.

Security. High service standards, service availability in 24/7 mode and system operation at least 98% per year. Safety and quality guarantees.


LUXAR team will provide free consultations of creation an appropriate infrastructure in your organization. To trial cloud solutions please call +371 27830830 or email