FoxSec Net+/A

Software FoxSec Net+/A

The main software is located in the server, which enables to use the system in different work places. The hardware of the system is connected to the server through data transfer cable or computer network. The work place of the system does not need a separate computer; an existing one can be used that gives a client a chance to handle simultaneously everyday activities.

The system software is user-friendly and has a simple structure that guarantees fast learning and easy applicability. The system includes the HELP file.

The system also works without a computer by prior recording of modes and times of the access to the memory of the controller (up to 7600 users for controllers FS8301, FS8302 and 1850 users for controllers FS7301, FS7302).

Memories of the controllers FS8301, FS8302 hold up to 2000 last events and 7600 users (in case the controller is in on-line mode and all the data is saved on the hard-disc of the computer, it is possible to increase the number of users up to 32700).