FoxSec Net+/W

Time attendance software FoxSec Net+/W

Time attendance software is intended for forming the work schedules and accounting the work time.

The work schedule consists of a cycle of shifts rotating in a specific order. The work schedules once determined will be generated automatically by the module in the future. Intervals and durations of work, lunch, overtime and rest hours are determined in turn by each shift (e.g. morning, evening, night etc.). The number of shifts and work schedules is not limited.

Work time is registered either by the movement through the doors or by the data entered by a special registrar. In addition to arriving to and leaving from work the registrar enables also to record special movements (e.g. lunch break, working out of office, business travel, sick leave etc.).  The module enables to determine and register up to 99 movements.

Upon accounting the work time the module compares registered movements with the times given in the work schedule and calculates the employee’s work time (morning, evening, night, weekend and national holiday), overtime (on workday, weekend, national holiday), time being present outside of work time, tardies, absences, sick days, business travels.

In addition, the module enables to determine and record up to 9999 work operations (e.g. turning on a lathe, sawing, work order no. 164 etc.).

Data on each employee is brought out in the work time report for a chosen time period in table form by date and/or totaled. The date of the report can be exported to Excel spreadsheet.