2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 (Black) 91378375

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The stylish 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 91378375 multifunctional touch console is a combination of luxury, excellent design and simple control. Using a highly intuitive and Android-based operating system, this 2N® 91378375 7" HD touch console is designed for indoor use only (normally wall mounted internally in strategic door positions) and is ideally suited to be integrated as part of a 2N® IP intercoms. Ideal for use in apartment complexes, home automation systems, modern interiors, large villas and high specification office environments. The 91378375 2N® Indoor Touch User Interface allows two-way communication with IP gateway systems, VoIP phones or videophones, or other 2N® Indoor Touch communicators on the same network, simply by pressing a button on the screen. The multifunctional touch console 2N® 91378375 also allows integration with other third-party IP-controlled devices to provide touch-screen remote control of building management systems such as lighting, heating, curtains, etc. 3rd party app license included by default.


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