2N® IP Verso main unit w/o camera 9155101B (black)

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The 2N® 9155101B main unit without camera (black) is the latest addition to the family of 2N® IP Verso. Designed to combine the flexibility of features and specifications with a luxurious and stylish finish. Described as the basic unit of 2N® IP Verso, the 9155101B is the heart of an IP intercom system, around which additional modules can be specified to build the exact specification for your final requirements.

Mounting Frames - (*required)
9155011B    1 Module Flush-mounting Frame, black
9155012B    2 Module Flush-mounting Frame, black
9155013B    3 Module Flush-mounting Frame, black
9155021B    1 Module Surface-mounting Frame, black
9155022B    2 Module Surface-mounting Frame, black
9155023B    3 Module Surface-mounting Frame, black

Extending Function Modules - (*option)
9155030      InfoPanel Module
9155031B    Keypad Module, black
9155032      RFID Card Reader 125 kHz Module
9155034      Input / Output Module
9155035      5 Quick-Call Button Module
9155036      Touch display module
9155039      Blank module
9155045      Biometric fingerprint module
9155047      Touch Keypad
9155081      Touch Keypad & RFID Reader 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC
9155082      Bluetooth & RFID Reader 125kHz, 13.56MHz, NFC
9155083      Touch Keypad & RFID Reader 125 kHz, Secured 13.56 MHz, NFC
9155084      Bluetooth & RFID Reader 125 kHz, Secured 13.56 MHz, NFC
9155086      Secure RFID Card Reader 13.56 MHz with NFC

Flush Mounting Back Boxes - (*option)
9155014      1 Module Flush Mount Back Box
9155015      2 Module Flush Mount Back Box
9155016      3 Module Flush Mount Back Box

Please Note: The 2N® Main unit 9155101B can be combined only with 2 or 3 module frames or boxes. Main unit 9155101B will only occupy one position, the others are free for expansion modules. 1 module frame or box is suitable for expansion modules only.


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