The main unit, 32 in (possible to expand untill 480 zones)/8 out, Ethernet, 220VAC/12VDC 3A power source unit, metal case

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The FS9002 central control panel features 32 zones, eight PGMs, and ETHERNET communication. The optical isolation of data lines in the central control panel protects the system from breakdowns. Each FS9002 control panel can be extended to control up to 480 security zones using extension modules. Through a direct connection, one panel can control 31 door controllers (50 access points). Door controllers have on-board memory; data line optical isolation is arranged inside each door controller. The range of available controllers includes one-door and two-door controllers with different memory capacities. Up to 48 LCD keypads can be connected to a control panel. All communication with the system software is encrypted.

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