IP Touch door station flush mount IP220D.20 (anthracite colour)

Flush-mount IP door station with 5MP color camera with night vision and 4.3-inch touch screen, PoE/24VDC, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, Anthracite colour, IP65, IK07

€1,391.50 VAT incl.


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An outdoor IP video intercom station that provides personalized and interactive visitor reception and access control for the system owner. The ability to control the system from a smartphone. The touch screen can be customized to any need, with direct call buttons (solution for one/two/three families...). The video intercom has a proximity sensor that activates the video intercom when someone passes by to greet the visitor with a voice or text message. Automate voice/text messages to provide information (floor upon arrival, hours of operation, etc.) and specific time slots.


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