1-door controller, 2 readers support, up to 1850 users, 220VAC/12VDC 1,4A power source unit, metal case FS MC2925W

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The 1-door controller FS7301/12 features on-board memory, allowing program updates to be downloaded via the RS485 network. On-board dataline optical isolation and on-board 12VDC power. The access door controller has developed in a way that it is very durable and has many different and flexible functions.

  • One door (two readers)
  • Up to 1,850 card users and 2,000 recent events in the controller memory
  • 1 programmable relay output
  • Anti-passback and more than 50 other special functions
  • Optical isolation
  • Metal case 290 x 250 x 80
  • Power supply unit 12VDC, 1.4A
  • Battery control

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