PNB-A9001 - 8MP AI Box Network camera (w/o lens)

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Wisenet AI camera PNB-A9001, can distinguish scene objects by categories such as; person, face, vehicle and license plate. Deep learning algorithms can also identify individual attributes of objects in the scene, including; detecting color in clothes, detecting if someone is wearing glasses, and detecting if someone is wearing a bag. The collected information is stored as metadata along with the video, allowing operators to optimize searches for specific events or objects. Vehicles can be classified by type; car, bus, truck, motorcycle, bike, also by color. BestShot captures the best shots of classified objects, which can then be exported in 4K resolution. Users can set the resolution to 2 megapixels for full video streaming, or use BestShot features to reduce bandwidth and save storage space. In addition, in combination with third-party systems, AI functionality can be customized and extended.

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