PNM-9022V - 2MP x 4ch Multi-sensor Dome Network Camera

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Wisenet PNM-9022V is a 2-megapixel 4-lens panoramic IP camera covering a wide area up to 209˚. PNM-9022V is equipped with Wisenet7 SoC, which is Hanwha Techwin's most powerful chipset to date. This allows the camera to capture bright, high-definition color images even at light levels as low as 0.03 lux. The camera is also equipped with "extreme" wide dynamic range (WDR) technology operating at up to 120 dB. This uses new technologies for local contrast enhancement and scene analysis, allowing the camera to capture clear images in both bright and dark areas. The camera also uses Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) technology, which corrects the distortion that occurs when using wide-angle lenses to produce images that are very similar to what we see with the human eye.

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