XNP-6400RW - 2MP 40x IR Wiper PTZ Network Camera

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The Wisenet XNP-6400RW is a 2 megapixel pan and tilt zoom camera with a built-in wiper and a 40x optical zoom lens. As part of the X Plus series, the XNP-6400RW is only equipped with an RJ45 connector, so users only need to connect one cable for quick and easy installation. The camera is equipped with a 4.25 ~ 170mm lens with 360° infinite pan and 110° extended tilt range, providing users with a wide coverage area. Other impressive features of the camera include: The AI ​​auto-tracking feature allows operators to effectively and efficiently track the movement of objects while still being able to control other cameras. In addition, Wisenet PTZ Plus cameras have a preset accuracy of +0.1°, so they can detect if they are not accurately aimed at the specified field of view and move to the correct position within one second.

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