IpDoor Video Intercom Kit IKD13.20

Flush door station anthracite colour + PoE injector + 1 lifetime remote app license + 1 license for basic access control

€1,560.90 VAT incl.


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IpDoor is a flexible video intercom system that adapts to almost any installation environment. With centralized cloud platform management, integrated wired and wireless network interfaces and graphical touch screen customization, and advanced access control functions, this IpDoor video intercom kit will be effective in many applications. With a dual infrastructure using remote technologies via cloud or local network and Wi-Fi, the solution guarantees a very flexible, secure and uninterrupted system operation.

In addition, using a mobile application, the user can connect to both the built-in door panel camera and the Match indoor monitor camera and see in real time what is happening both at home and outside. In addition, by connecting a network video recorder (NVR), you can record and view videos at will.


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