VE735 Combined Volumetric and Long Range Sensor

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The VE735 of the VE series is the most intelligent IR motion sensor with reliability never seen before in any IR sensor. With a DSP based detection algorithm, it will filter out any false alarms from a stationary heat source and only respond to alarms from a moving source such as an intruder. This makes the VE735 the best solution to protect against false or unwanted alarms when other PIR sensors are not working.

Key features:

- 20m volumetric + 60m long range
- Patented PYRO electric sensor
- DSP driven detection algorithm
- High density mirror optics
- Absolute volumetric sensor
- Left to right or right to left detection mode
- 3 alarm sensitivities
- Self test with trouble output relay and LED
- Event memory
- Plug-in electronics
- Easy to install with laser beam alignment tool
- Pry-off and cover tamper

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