FoxSec Web100/S50C1

Alarm software WEB version, 100 users, 50 zones, 1 company

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Manage the entire security operation of the organization from a single user interface. FOXSEC WEB provides a convenient environment for managing an intruder alarm system.

- Compatible with all FoxSec systems hardware (Net+/Lite+/1850),
- No need to install the software onto the clients PC,
- Allows different systems to be managed from any computer, even if sites are located in different time zones,
- Allows different rights to be granted to administrators. For example, a company manager can monitor and change rights only for their company and within the limits of their authority, as granted by the major administrator,
- Several groups can be assigned to one user,
- Up to ten access cards or other ID per user,
- Allows user locations to be requested within a company or a building.


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