TS1000 Pro

Tripod turnstile TS1000 Pro

Bi-directional tripod turnstile with arm drop function, SUS304 stainless steel housing, (L x W x H) 520 x 310 x 1010 mm

€1,439.90 VAT incl.


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ZKTeco Pro series tripod turnstiles represent classic and safe way to protect your premises. They are widely used in various indoor environment applications. They fit perfectly as an economical option into the office buildings and other related applications. TS1000 Pro Series is a single-lane tripod turnstile series designed for smooth and silent operation and energy efficiency. It’s made of stainless steel which makes TS1000 Pro Series highly durable. TS1000 Pro Series is also surprisingly compact and designed to operate in small workspaces.


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